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The Real Suggestions Box

Where suggestions stop being polite and start getting real.

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
Want to improve the universe? Contribute your ideas!
How do I make a suggestion?

It is NOT necessary to join the community in order to make a suggestion. All users can post suggestions. A template for posting suggestions is provided below.

How can I find old suggestions?
Suggestions can be found by browsing the tag listing.

Most of the archive has been tagged, and all recent suggestions have also been tagged. If you aren't able to find a suggestion, or if your suggestion has been rejected as a duplicate and you can't find the original, tough.

What happens after I submit a suggestion?
The entire life of a suggestion has not been explained.

If your suggestion is migrated and implemented, congratulations.

Keep In Mind
  • Many suggestions have already been proposed and discussed, but simply not implemented yet. Be sure that you're not submitting a duplicate.

  • Flaming will be tolerated, but not encouraged unless we feel the need to encourage it.

  • Be as thorough as possible with your suggestion. A suggestion that contains detailed implementation notes is more likely to be accepted than one that doesn't. You don't need to know how to program; just try to think about what else your idea would affect, and bring up any problems you can see with it.

  • Be sure to read the FAQs first (once we write them), to see if your idea already exists, or if an existing aspect of the site can be used to do what you want.

  • If you aren't certain if something exists or not, or are having a problem, don't submit a suggestion. Get therapy instead.

  • Those familiar with universe development are asked not to point to developer resources like Changelog, the Bible, Qur'an, Torah, the development forum, etc.; this helps maintain the suggestion migration process.

last updated 25 August 2007 Direct all inquiries to yo momma.
If you have been banned from commenting, you are free to sit on a tack. Ram it!

<!--Note: Anything enclosed in HTML comment tags
like the ones this statement is enclosed in can be safely
removed/replaced. -->

<!--Title goes here. -->

<b><i>Short, concise description of the idea</i></b>
<!--Short description goes here. -->

<b><i>Full description of the idea</i></b>
<!--Full description goes here. -->

<b><i>An ordered list of benefits</i></b>
<ol><li><!--Benefit 1 goes here --></li>
  <li><!--Benefit 2 goes here, etc. --></li>

<b><i>An ordered list of problems/issues involved</i></b>
<ol><li><!--Problem 1 goes here --></li>
  <li><!--Problem 2 goes here, etc. --></li>

<b><i>An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation</i></b>
<ul><li><!--Implementation suggestion 1 goes here --></li>
  <li><!--Implementation suggestion 2 goes here, etc. --></li>