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Water Fountain in My Apartment

Water Fountain in My Apartment

Short, concise description of the idea
Install a water fountain in my apartment.

Full description of the idea
Water, or dihydrogen monoxide, is one of the most famous (or infamous) chemicals in the world. Despite claims that it sucks, water is unfortunately necessary for human survival. Your body is like an engine, and water is like some thing that is in that engine. Though some water can be ingested by way of various foods and beverages, it doesn't add up to the gallons of water that the Mayo Clinic suggests should be imbibed daily.

Some modern homes are equipped with facilities for dispensing water by way of a faucet or spigot. While useful in some situations, this is less than ideal for water consumption because this water is not chilled and is difficult to direct into one's mouth without the use of some sort of third-party device such as a glass, which will then have to be washed. Clearly this is not the most efficient system of water delivery.

Thus, I suggest the installation of a water fountain, similar to those found in schools, some of your better libraries, and various other public buildings, in my apartment. This way, if I needed to replenish the amount of water in my body, I could simply press a button and receive a stream of cool, crystal clear dihydrogen monoxide delivered straight to my quivering lips.

An ordered list of benefits
  1. I could bypass the hassle of using a glass and ice or a pitcher, and just get exactly the amount of water that I want, already cold, delivered straight to my quivering lips.
  2. Because I might sometimes do this instead of drinking a soda or something, I might not get quite as fat as I would otherwise.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  1. The plumbing might be tricky.
  2. Keeping the water chilled would use a significant amount of electricity, and the motor would probably make an annoying noise.

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • Obtain a water fountain
  • Connect the water fountain to the existing water pipes and electrical things in my apartment (don't know how difficult this is; IANAP (I am not a plumber))
Tags: quivering lips, water, water fountain

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